Adobe Automation

Bespoke software can be created to solve any problem but sometimes you may need a little inspiration to see what is possible.

Automate the production of point of sale, menus, brochures, catalogues, packaging and many other types of printed media with Adobe Indesign and Illustrator

You can either automate the whole process requiring zero operator input or partially automate to assist the operator.

Partially Automated

Some designs are best performed by an operator such as cropping a specific portion of an image depending on colour and other objects on the page.

With partial automation images and text can be placed on screen and then the operator can move or crop to finish.

Fully Automated

With a fully automated solution you can define strict rules for each template file to conform to your customers brand guidelines.

All aspects of Indesign and Illustrator can be automated such as text replacement, image placement, text resizing, box resizing, alignment and scaling.


There are many ways of collecting data:

If you have another system which contain product details and pricing we can pull this data in.

You can provide the text data in a spreadsheet and images pulled from a fileserver or online webpage.

We can build an online portal which can be accessed by your customers for entering the product data, uploading images and to download the final artwork.

Bespoke Development

This is not an off the shelf product, we build each solution to your specific needs which means you decide exactly what you want the system to do.

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