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Why Choose Bespoke Software

For most business needs there are plenty of other software options available but they are designed to suit the needs of as many customers as possible rather than the needs of just one.

Your business may be completely unique or just work differently to your competitors, using off the shelf software may work fine for you now but offer little room to grow your business or you may have compromised on some features you originally wanted.

This is where we come in, we can create a bespoke software solution to any problem you may have without needing to compromise or design the software to work for others.

Depending on your requirements our bespoke software we create can use Claris Filemaker, React.JS or Node.JS or even a combination of all three working in unison.

One of the major benefits of Filemaker is the built-in Rapid Application Development (RAD) engine. This allows us to move a text label live on screen and update immediately for every user connected without needing to release a new version or go through time consuming testing for a minor change.

Security and GDPR

Most off the shelf software are hosted in the Cloud on another companies servers alongside data from their other customers, you generally have no control over the location of this data or how it is handled which can be a problem if you want to record confidential data.

With our software you have the option of hosting the software on your own servers or in the Cloud, manage exactly who has access to certain sections or the whole system and even if it can be accessed from the outside your office such as from home or whilst you are on holiday.

Bespoke or Custom Software

Depending on the developer Bespoke or Custom software can be the same thing and either word used depending on the target markets understanding of software.

Custom software can also mean off the shelf software customised to a customers requirements. This is not always a bad thing for a CRM which will likely need very few changes other than branding but if you are wanting a Stock Management system then Bespoke is the best option to ensure it works how you want and you are fully aware of how it works.


Most businesses operate using spreadsheets which are fine for a single user but in the long run can take more time if you want multiple users to edit the file or to make it presentable to your customer.

With Filemaker we can create a database directly from the spreadsheet in a matter of minutes which is then accessible by multiple users.

If you then want to present the data to your customer we can design beautiful screens, graphs and even a web front-end they can access.

The solution is not just for one spreadsheet though, we can build in as many modules as you require each been able to import a different spreadsheet, manually input data or integrate with another cloud service such as Xero Accounting for bi-directional data entry.

System in the Middle

Sometimes a business will have multiple systems each performing a different function for the operators but nothing that unites them all together.

For example you may have a web store, retail shop, online payment and point of sale terminal which rely on you manually keeping track of stock levels, pricing and your product line.

We can help with this by creating a solution that sits in the middle and integrates with your other systems giving you one central admin point.

A central stock management solution would allow you to keep a record of all of your products, pricing, stock levels, orders and integrate with your POS terminal and online payment providers.

Web Front-End

We can craft websites that utilise your Filemaker solution behind the scenes such as for visitor tracking or any other form of data entry.

Web front-ends are created using standard PHP and Javascript code which can be incorporated into your existing website easily and maintained by us or any web developer.

Not only can we create the website from scratch but we can even integrate with WordPress and Woocommerce allowing you to customise your website with existing templates and have the content supplied by the Filemaker solution.

Do i need to supply you a detailed brief?

No you won’t need to supply us a detailed brief but you should bullet point a few key aims which we can focus and grow from.

We would normally have a meeting to run through your aims and how your business works which will allow us to compile our own brief and ask questions.

Is this a lengthy process?

The development process is very rapid, you can influence how the system works and watch it take shape live on-screen. 

We would usually start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Proof of Concept which you can test and demonstrate to your customer, employees or business stakeholders.

Once accepted we will then carry on building the proof of concept until it meets all of your requirements, if you had been given access to the system before then you will still have access and be able to see changes happening on your screen.

Development can be split in to multiple phases to help cash flow or to simply not confuse users with a completely new system straight away.

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