Filemaker supports many methods of connectivity which allow us to create software your users or customers can access through desktop, mobile or the web

Most of these require a server to centrally hold all the data which you then connect to from within your office or anywhere in the world.


The most common location for the server is onsite in your office which can be run on a physical or virtual Windows Server, Mac or Linux.

Your users can then connect to the software from within your office and if your IT team allow you can access from the outside world.

This can be the most cost effective option for a large business as you can manage every aspect of the server infrastructure yourselves such as fixing the server, securely backing up and controlling accessibility.


Businesses are becoming more flexible with users working from home or from your customers offices whilst still needing to connect to the internal systems.

Unless your office has a gigabit fibre internet connection working outside the office will be far slower than been in the office.

Cloud hosting has become far more popular over the last few years as costs have reduced, speeds have increased and ongoing maintenance is stopped.

With cloud hosting your software can be connected to from anywhere in the world whether thats by using a phones 4G signal on the go or sat in your customers office.

The server is managed by a third-party provider which removes the need for you to budget for replacement hardware, backups and IT management.

Who is the third-party provider?

There are many third-party hosting providers you can choose from including one provided by Filemaker themselves.

Amazon (AWS) is very popular but can work out more expensive than others due to the complex pricing structure.

We can provide advice and assistance with choosing the right provider and setting up the server for you

Security and GDPR

Whichever option you go with you need to make sure the server and software are secure and conform to your GDPR guidelines.

We recommend getting an external CHECK/CREST accredited penetration testing provider to test the security of your server and infrastructure to find any security flaws, old software and other potential methods for a data breach.

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