Cleverspa Scheduler


Cleverspa have a wide range of inflatable hot tubs which competes with other manufactures such as Lay-Z-Spa.

Hot tubs can either be controlled manually from the control panel or with some models they support the Cleverlink app allowing the user to check the current temperature and manually toggle the heater, bubbles and filter on or off.

Running costs can be very high so the majority of owners either switch the heater off when not in use or switch to an ‘Time of Use’ tariff with their electricity supplier and then manually turn the heater on and off during the cheaper times.


We have created a web app for setting up schedules to automatically turn the heater on or off at preset times or to heat up ready for a set time.

Lots of useful data is gathered from the hot tubs and is visible in simple graphs for the user to view such as the current temperature or when the heater has been on.

Behind the scenes we have a bespoke Filemaker database which handles the app user authentication including password resets, data storage and performing the automated schedules. The front-end is a bespoke PHP/Javascript/Bootstrap web app.

The app synchronises data directly with the Filemaker database which handles the heavy lifting meaning the app loads quickly and can be easily changed.

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If you have a Cleverspa hot tub with wi-fi and have setup the Cleverlink app you can login to the website below with the same email address and password.

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