Software Automation

A wide range of Mac and PC software can be automated which can be integrated with ourĀ Bespoke software


AppleScript was first included with Mac OS in the early 1990’s and allows scripts to be written which can control applications directly, monitor hot folders or simply control the mouse like a user would.

One popular use for AppleScript is to watch a hot folder for new files been added and trigger an action to run such as printing each file, moving them to a fileserver based on the filename or uploading them to another system.

Most Adobe apps such as Indesign are fully controllable with AppleScript, this allow for the creation of new artwork from scratch or templates, placement of text/images, movement of objects, changing of colours/fonts and finally saving the finished print-ready files in any format you require automatically.

If you use Indesign to generate a large amount of consistent artwork then a bespoke solution can be crafted to allow you to upload the data from a spreadsheet or API, configure your brand guidelines and automatically start building the artwork without any user interaction.

AppleScript can allow trigger the running of scripts in other languages such as JavaScript, ExtendScript, Python and anything else Mac compatible.


Python was introduced in the early 1990’s and allows for very powerful scripts to be written for almost any device from PC/Mac to Raspberry PI.

One of its greatest strengths is the wide range of third-party libraries available which allows scripts to be written to communicate between different software, with the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, machine learning, image/text recognition, artificial intelligence (AI), web scraping and so much more.

A bespoke solution could be created which allows on-the-fly generation of Python scripts or running scripts you have created yourself and process any data returned for analysis or to trigger other scripts/actions such as updating stock levels in a web store when an IoT weight sensor detects a change.

Bespoke Development

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