API Integration

Most Cloud software have an API which can be integrated with our Bespoke software


REST is the most popular API architecture and allows for sending or retrieving text data as well as files from a wide range of sources.

An API can be integrated into an existing solution you may have or have a bespoke solution built to take advantage of one or more different Cloud systems. A few examples of popular Cloud systems which can be integrated are: Xero Accounting, Woocommerce and Shopify.

For example we could create a bespoke stock management solution which allows you to record your products, stock, costs, orders and deliveries all within a single system and then send your new or changed product data to your Shopify web store, once an order is placed this can automatically adjust the stock levels and send the customer an Invoice in Xero. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a range of new and different smart networked devices which can be interacted with through an API such as Sensors, Smart Plugs and even Hot Tubs. This data can be retrieved and used for data analysis or to trigger another actions such as using weight sensors to detect when stock has been picked/placed and trigger stock levels to be decreased or increased.


CURL can be used to communicate with REST API’s but also with other Cloud systems that do not support REST.

An example of this would be FTP Servers (SFTP/FTPS), these don’t normally have REST API’s but through CURL you are able to not only send files but also retrieve a list of existing files, download, delete and create new folders.

Some Internet of Things (IoT) sensors use MQTT to retrieve data which is supported by CURL 

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