Bespoke Software development

Grow your business with bespoke software perfectly crafted to your way of working

About Us

We are Claris Filemaker developers with 10 years experience working within the software industry for a variety of companies around the country.

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire we offer bespoke solutions, support and consultancy both remotely and in your office.

Whether you need a simple task manager or something completely unique we can build exactly what your business needs.

We believe bespoke software should be affordable to all businesses regardless of size and turnover.

What is FIlemaker?

Filemaker is a cross platform relational database application owned by Claris, a subsidiary of Apple and is one of the most popular development platforms within the Workplace Innovation Program.

One of the key features of Filemaker is the built-in Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform which allows for much faster development.

Beginners can build a database but experts can construct massively powerful and complex custom solutions for a wide variety of industry problems.

Filemaker solutions can be created for Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone and web browsers with access from hundreds of different devices simultaneously.

Solutions can be hosted on a Filemaker Server running on Windows Server, MacOS or Linux either onsite or in the Cloud and accessed from anywhere in the world or simply just from your office.

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm

Sat: 9am-1pm

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